Telemedicine and COVID-19

March 21st, 2020


Dr. Misty Humphries is an Associate Professor in the Division of Vascular Surgery at the University of California at Davis Medical Center where she serves as the Vascular Surgery Residency Program Director and Vice-Chair of Surgical Outcomes.


In 2019 she was awarded a K award from the National Institutes of Health investigating the role of telemedicine programs to reduce amputation rates in rural populations and joins our team to discuss updates and best practices in Telemedicine the face of COVID-19 pandemic.


Useful Links

·       Dr. Humphries Telehealth Grand Rounds

o   Example of a virtual clinic

·       Center for Connected Health Policy

o   Telemedicine in COVID-19

o   Map for Laws on Telemedicine by State

·       NCTRC Webinar - Telehealth and COVID-19

o   Telehealth Technology Overview

·       National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers

·       Zoom Healthcare

·       TeleHealth in Vascular Surgery Publications by Judith Lin


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