#VAM21 Highlight, Part 2 - Dr. Alan Dardik on the new JVS: Vascular Science Journal


Directly from the Vascular Annual Meeting in 2021 in San Diego, here’s a taste of some of the great things that are happening at this year’s VAM.  Hear perspectives from some first-time VAM attendees, as well as speakers, moderators, and other leaders in the field.  


In this episode, we hear from Dr. Alan Dardik on the brand-new JVS: Vascular Science journal, which is the latest addition to the JVS family of publications.  We discuss the frontiers of vascular physiology, the scope of basic science beyond the wet lab, and his favorite articles from the journal to date.


Show Guests:

  • Dr. Alan Dardik (@adardik) is a surgeon-scientist, and a professor of Surgery (Vascular) and of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at the Yale School of Medicine.  He leads the NIH-funded and VA-funded Dardik lab to study the healing and function of blood vessels and blood vessel substitutes used to treat patients with vascular disease, and is the editor of the JVS: Vascular Science journal.  He completed his MD/PhD, general surgery residency, and vascular surgery fellowship all at the Johns Hopkins University.  

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Host Introductions: 

  • Dr. Chris Audu (@ChrisAuduMD) is in his 5th year of training in the integrated vascular surgery residency at the University of Michigan. His research studies the role of chromatin modifying enzymes on wound healing pathways as well as learning the details of high throughput experimentation in discovering novel acid-amine organic reactions for vascular-focused, medicinal chemistry. He is currently F32 funded and was recently awarded the 2020 VESS Resident Research Award.
  • Dr. Matt Chia (@chia_md) is in his 6th year in the integrated vascular surgery program at Northwestern University. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and also holds a Master’s in Health Services and Outcomes Research at Northwestern. 


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