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We aim to be inclusive of all perspectives represented within the vascular surgery community.

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Matthew Chia, MD, MS

Since 2021, Recruitment


Matt is a vascular surgeon in San Diego, CA.  Originally from the Greater Boston Area, he called Chicago home base for many years as an avid podcast fan, coffee geek, and amateur videographer.  Follow @chia_md

Sharif Ellozy, MD 

 Since 2018


Sharif is an Associate Professor of Surgery and in the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine and Program Director for the NYP Vascular Surgery Fellowship. He is passionate about surgical education, and couldn’t be prouder of his trainees. He is an avid swimmer, and in his off time he enjoys music, food, travel and listens to way too many podcasts. Follow @SharifEllozy

Marlene Garcia-Neuer, MD

 Since 2023


Marlene is a general surgery resident at Mayo Clinic Arizona who is planning on pursuing a vascular surgery fellowship. She is an avid reader of history who loves anything to do with surgical history and storytelling, she is interested in creating an oral history of vascular surgery both past and present. In her free time, she loves to run and explore the wild via hiking, camping, and white-water rafting.

Gowri Gowda, MD, MPH

Since 2023


Gowri is an integrated vascular surgery resident at UC Davis and completed an MD/MPH at Tulane SOM. She started podcasting through the holding pressure series as a medical student. Since then, she has loved being an active member of Audible Bleeding with a particular interest in the international series. In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis, dancing, and going on culinary and coffeeshop adventures. Follow @gowrigowda11

Adam Johnson, MD, MPH

Since 2018


Adam is an assistant professor of surgery at Duke University and at the VA in Durham, NC.  He was a founding member of Audible Bleeding with research interests in reducing disparities in peripheral arterial disease, open source informatics, and quality improvement.  He first fell in love with listening to podcasts while walking his new Italian Greyhound, Pepperoni. Follow @adam_mdmph

Wen Kawaji, MD, ScM

Since 2022, JVS


Wen is a general surgery resident at Medstar Health in Baltimore, MD. She is passionate about vascular, trauma, and critical care and recently completed a burn/surgical critical care fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Wen has been a loyal Audible Bleeding fan throughout residency and is excited to learn from and work with the podcast team. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, food adventures, and puzzles. Follow @WenKawaji

Imani McElroy, MD, MPH 

 Since 2021, Senior Editor


Imani is a senior general surgery resident at MGH in Boston, MA and has matched into the vascular surgery fellowship at USC in LA, CA.  As a San Francisco Bay Area native, the disparities Imani experienced first-hand serve as motivation to work towards equity within healthcare.  Her research interests include implementation sciences, racial/ethnic and gender disparities within health care and vascular surgery.  Follow @IEMcElroy.

Ezra Schwartz, MD, MS

Since 2023


Ezra is an aspiring vascular surgeon and currently a master’s student at Harvard Medical School focusing on technology in medical education. He completed a master’s in narrative medicine at Columbia University and his medical studies at McGill University. His academic interests include patient, student, and surgeon experience and surgical education. Ezra loves skiing, golfing, surfing, the visual arts, and podcasts (of course!). Follow @EzraSchwartz10

Yasong Yu, MD

Since 2021, Holding Pressure


Yasong is a senior general surgery resident at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. He completed his PGY3 year and is currently spending some time doing research before pursuing a fellowship in vascular surgery. Research interests include education, simulation, cost of AV access and PAD gait analysis.  He loves basketball and also enjoys working on his car in the garage during his free time. Follow @YasongYuMD


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Adham Elmously, MD

Editor 2019-2021


Amanda Fobare, MD

Editor 2021-2023


Kevin Kniery, MD, MPH

Co-Founder, Editor 2018-2023


Jacob Schwartzman, MD, MPH

Editor 2019-2023


Leanna Erete, MBBS

Editor 2021-2022


Rachael Forsythe, MBChB, PhD

Editor 2021-2022


Nicole Rich, MD, MPH

Co-Founder, Editor 2018-2021


Matt Smith, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, Editor 2018-2023



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Marlén Gomez

SVS Marketing


Marlén is the Communications Specialist at the Society for Vascular Surgery. She works with Audible Bleeding on website development, social promotion and managing operations for the group.