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Interviews · 21. February 2023
In this episode of Audible Bleeding, we sit down with Chloe Powell and discuss her research in physical resilience, understanding patient treatment goals, and pre-operative evaluation before undergoing major vascular intervention. We also delve into her motivations.
JVS · 11. February 2023
Audible Bleeding editors Matt (@chia_md) and Wen (@WenKawaji) are joined by JVS-CIT assistant editor Dr. Bernardo Mendes (@drbermendes) and JVS Editor-in-chief Dr. Thomas Forbes (@TL_Forbes) , to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals.  They’re joined by Dr. Powell, Dr. Corriere and Dr. Cooper, the authors of each of the papers discussing patient reported outcomes in claudication and gut microbiome in chronic mesenteric ischemia.