Exploring Pre-Operative Evaluation and Physical Resilience in Vascular Patients with Dr. Chloe Powell

As part of the Race & Representation (R&R) Series, we are doing spotlights on vascular trainees and faculty that identify as racial/ethnic minorities underrepresented in medicine (URiM), who have been historically excluded from the field. We hope to amplify these voices as examples of the unique challenges faced by URiMs within vascular surgery and as a source of inspiration and mentorship.


In this episode of Audible Bleeding, we sit down with Chloe Powell and discuss her research in physical resilience, understanding patient treatment goals, and pre-operative evaluation before undergoing major vascular intervention. We also delve into her motivations. 


Dr. Chloe Powell is an integrated vascular surgery resident at the University of Michigan


For more on Dr. Powell’s research.