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Special Topics · 26. July 2023
Modern-day evidence-based medicine mandates a strong understanding of current local and international guidelines. Surgeons often rely heavily on these reports, but what to do when they differ? We have partnered with the ESVS podcast to explore this topic to create the Transatlantic Series. In this inaugural episode, we compare and contrast the SVS carotid artery disease guidelines published in 2022 with the recently updated ESVS guidelines published in 2023.
Interviews · 03. July 2023
We are delighted to review the SVS VAM Diversity and Resident/Medical Student travel scholarships in today's episode. Dr. Ezra Schwartz and Dr. Nakia Sarad speak with three scholarship recipients to explore their reasons for applying, their experience at the 2023 Vascular Annual Meeting, and the impact of their attendance on their goals and aspirations.
Interviews · 18. June 2023
In this episode, we chat with Dr. Alan Dardik about his father, a pioneering vascular surgeon, Dr. Herbert Dardik. Dr. Alan Dardik recollects many great stories of his father and how he ultimately followed in his footsteps.
Interviews · 14. June 2023
Today, Dr. David Ebertz and Dr. Jason Turner (@JasonTyTurner) discuss with multiple leaders in vascular surgery about their involvement in vascular surgery societies, VESS (@VESurgery) and SVS (@VascularSVS). Guests include Drs. Leigh Ann O'Banion, Vikram Kashyap, Nick Mouawad, Saideep Bose, and Matthew Smeds.
Interviews · 22. May 2023
Today, Dr. Ezra Schwartz and Dr. Nakia Sarad begin an exploration of how vascular surgeons and patients communicate. We will discuss how we share stories with one another and what may get lost in translation. The first episode in this series features Dr. Anahita Dua in conversation with her patients and their experience with deep venous arterialization.
Interviews · 02. May 2023
In today’s episode, Gowri Gowda, Ezra Schwartz and Morgan Gold, and Dr. Sharif Ellozy interview Dr. Daniel Silverberg about his experiences practicing and teaching vascular surgery in Israel.
JVS · 09. April 2023
Audible Bleeding editor Wen Kawaji (@WenKawaji) is joined by MD/PhD student Rahul Ghosh (@ghoshrx), JVS editor-in-chief Dr. Thomas Forbes (@TL_Forbes) and JVS-VL Editor-in-chief Dr. Ruth Bush to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals. This episode hosts Dr. Siracuse and Dr. Chang, the authors of the following papers discussing mental health in CLTI patients and anticoagulation in venous treatments. Articles: Relationship between Wifi stage and quality of life at...
Special Topics · 02. April 2023
Vascular Origin Stories is a podcast series that explores the fun and engaging stories that shaped vascular surgery. Today’s episode will be the second part of a multi-episode series exploring how the young battalion surgeons serving in MASH units in the Korean war pioneered wartime vascular repair. Today we’ll explore in detail the individual stories of adversity, courage and perseverance that led to the re-introduction of arterial repair in the military.

Professional Development · 26. March 2023
In this first episode of the SVS PA Section mini-series Vascular Team Talk, Steve Robischon, PA-C, Laura Needler, APNP, and Dr. Nate Kugler review the history of the physician assistant and nurse practitioner professions, discuss similarities and differences in their training, and describe how they function on their vascular team.
Special Topics · 18. March 2023
This three-episode mini-series republished a webinar that was recorded by the Easter Vascular Society on important diversity issues in various settings including workplace, academia, training, and education. In this episode, Dr. Julia Glaser will discuss diversity in education and training. Dr. Julia Glaser is an assistant professor of clinical surgery at University of Pennsylvania department of vascular and endovascular surgery. Articles highlighted in episode 3: Discrimination, abuse,...

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