Professional Development

Professional Development · 26. March 2023
In this first episode of the SVS PA Section mini-series Vascular Team Talk, Steve Robischon, PA-C, Laura Needler, APNP, and Dr. Nate Kugler review the history of the physician assistant and nurse practitioner professions, discuss similarities and differences in their training, and describe how they function on their vascular team.
Professional Development · 26. February 2023
On behalf of the Young Surgeons' Section of the SVS, Saideep Bose and Gowri Gowda sit down with two editors of the JVS journals and take a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing process and tips and tricks for authors and reviewers.
Professional Development · 11. December 2022
Today, Gowri and our Holding Pressure team republish the Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society (VESS) National Student-Run Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG) Webinar on "Discover: Vascular Surgery."  This webinar initially occurred on November 10, 2022.
Professional Development · 23. October 2022
In this second episode highlighting the SVS women’s section, Wen (@WenKawaji) and Amanda (@AmandaFobare) are joined by Dr. Furey, Dr. Bunnell and Dr. Kumar to discuss important topics such as the needs of a young vascular surgeon and how to pick your optimal practice. Show Guests: Dr. Bunnell @avi-bunnell: Private practice vascular Surgeon in Tampa Florida specializing in venous disease, PAD, and carotid revascularization Dr. Furey @drpfureymd: Chief of vascular surgery and president of...
Professional Development · 15. May 2022
The Young Surgeons Section of the SVS with Dr. Chelsea Dorsey and Dr. Leigh Ann O’Banion In 2021, the SVS approved a membership section dedicated to vascular surgeons in the first 0-10 years of practice. The mission of the Young Surgeons Section (YSS) of the SVS is to foster and accelerate the learning and career development of SVS members within their first ten years in clinical practice. We are excited to have Dr. Chelsea Dorsey and Dr. Leigh Ann O’Banion to discuss the evolution of the...
Professional Development · 24. April 2022
Inside the Vascular Surgery Board - the Past, Present, and Future of Your Certification We are very excited to have Dr. Kellie Brown, the current Vice-Chair of the Vascular Surgery Board, and Dr. Malachi Sheahan, the Vice-Chair Elect, to pull back the curtain on how the VSB serves the public and the vascular surgery community at large while defining our specialty. They discuss the history of the VSB, provide some insight into board examination development, and clarify the process of Continuous...
Professional Development · 23. July 2021
Matt Chia, Chris Audu, and Elizabeth Andraska sit down with Drs. Kevin Southerland, Karen Ho, and Andrea Obi for a panel discussion introducing basic science in vascular surgery and some tips on getting started and obtaining funding for your research.
Professional Development · 18. July 2021
Matt Chia and Andy Lazar sit down with Drs. Leila Mureebe, Jeff Siracuse, and Philip Goodney for a panel discussion introducing the VQI and some practical tips on getting started with vascular health services research.
Professional Development · 17. June 2021
Matt Chia and Ali Irshad sit down with Drs. Meryl Simon Logan and Sree Kanna in part 2 of our series for newly-matched vascular residents embarking on their next stage of training.
Professional Development · 08. May 2021
Matt Chia and Ali Irshad sit down with Drs. Regina Husman and Kirthi Bellamkonda to answer your questions from Twitter about how newly-matched vascular residents can set themselves up for success in their residency.

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