Let’s Talk about VESS/SVS: Discussion with current leaders in Vascular

Today, Dr. David Ebertz (@EbertzDavid), a rising vascular fellow at St Louis University, and Dr. Jason Turner (@JasonTyTurner), a graduating integrated vascular resident from Case Western Cleveland Medical Center, discuss with multiple leaders in vascular surgery about VESS (@VESurgery) and SVS (@VascularSVS). The Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Society, commonly called VESS, is one of the foremost societies within vascular surgery that was started in 1976. Its mission is to improve the quality and safety of vascular & endovascular surgical procedures and general vascular care through education, scholarship, advocacy & leadership. This episode will feature VESS's history, current status, and pearls of wisdom, from finding mentors to navigating social media to becoming a leader within societies. 


Faculty Guests:

  • Dr. Leigh Ann O'Banion (@limbsalvagedr) - Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery at UCSF-Fresno, California
  • Dr. Vikram Kashyap (@VikKashyapMD) - Vice President and Frederik Meijer Chair, Meijer Heart and Vascular Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Dr. Nick Mouawad (@NickMouawadMD) – Chief of Vascular Surgery at McLaren Health Systems in Bay City, Michigan
  • Dr. Saideep Bose (@academicaorta) – Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery at St Louis University, Missouri
  • Dr. Matthew Smeds (@mattsmeds) – Professor of Vascular Surgery at St Louis University, Missouri

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