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JVS · 06. November 2022
Audible Bleeding editors Matt (@chia_md) and Wen (@WenKawaji) are joined by JVS-CIT Editor Matthew Smeds (@Mattsmeds) and JVS Assistant Editor Dr. Paul Dimuzio (@pdimuziomd) , to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals. They’re joined by Dr. Callie Dowdy and Dr. Larry Kraiss, the first authors of each of the papers discussing endovascular use of biocomposite antibiotics material and VQI frailty assessment. Articles: “A Minimally Invasive Approach to the Infected Aorta with...
Exam Prep · 28. March 2020
Dr. Young Lee and Dr. Matthew Smeds discuss the essentials of HD access creation for the VSITE and boards