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Special Topics · 09. June 2024
In this episode, Sasank Kalipatnapu (@ksasank), John Culhane and Leana Dogbe (@ldogbe4) sit down along with Dr. Dalman (@RLDalmanMD) as chair of the SVS Nominating Committee for this year, along with the two vice presidential candidates Dr. Harris and Dr. Shaw to learn more about them as part of the ongoing election process. SVS 2024 Meet the VP Candidates provides a comprehensive overview of all the candidates. Their professional biographies and answers to questions about their plans for the...
JVS · 30. April 2024
In this episode, we spotlight editorials and abstracts from the Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases, Innovations, and Techniques (JVS-CIT). Editorials and Abstracts are read by members of our SVS Social Media Ambassadors and Editor in Chief of JVS CIT, Dr. Matthew Smeds. Readers: Matthew Smeds (@mattsmeds) Christopher DeHaven (@ChrisDeHavenPSU) Ethan Vieira Litton Whittaker Nicholas Schaper Nishi Vootukuru (@Nishi_Vootukuru) Editorials: Accomplishments and goals: Review of 2023 and previous of...
21. April 2024
In today’s episode, Dr. Rachael Forsythe (@ROForsythe), consultant vascular surgeon at NHS Lothian, leads a fictional case-based discussion with leaders in managing diabetic foot ulcers. Joining the conversation are Professor Andrew Boulton, Mr. Patrick Coughlin, Dr. David Armstrong, Dr. Dane Wukich, and Dr. Edgar Peters. Professor Boulton is a professor of medicine at Manchester University in England and is co-chair of the Malvern Diabetic Foot Conference meeting. He served as president of...
Special Topics · 25. March 2024
In this episode of Audible Bleeding, editor Dr. Adam Johnson is joined by General Surgery PGY-3 Sasank Kalipatnapu, MS2 Nishi Vootukuru, along with Dr. Anton Sidawy, MD, and Dr. William Schutze to discuss the nuances of the recently launched Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Outpatient Verification Program, in collaboration with the American College of Surgeons. This episode brings out a conversation exploring the history behind the development of the program, the current state of the program,...
Special Topics · 26. July 2023
Modern-day evidence-based medicine mandates a strong understanding of current local and international guidelines. Surgeons often rely heavily on these reports, but what to do when they differ? We have partnered with the ESVS podcast to explore this topic to create the Transatlantic Series. In this inaugural episode, we compare and contrast the SVS carotid artery disease guidelines published in 2022 with the recently updated ESVS guidelines published in 2023.
Interviews · 03. July 2023
We are delighted to review the SVS VAM Diversity and Resident/Medical Student travel scholarships in today's episode. Dr. Ezra Schwartz and Dr. Nakia Sarad speak with three scholarship recipients to explore their reasons for applying, their experience at the 2023 Vascular Annual Meeting, and the impact of their attendance on their goals and aspirations.
Interviews · 14. June 2023
Today, Dr. David Ebertz and Dr. Jason Turner (@JasonTyTurner) discuss with multiple leaders in vascular surgery about their involvement in vascular surgery societies, VESS (@VESurgery) and SVS (@VascularSVS). Guests include Drs. Leigh Ann O'Banion, Vikram Kashyap, Nick Mouawad, Saideep Bose, and Matthew Smeds.
Professional Development · 26. March 2023
In this first episode of the SVS PA Section mini-series Vascular Team Talk, Steve Robischon, PA-C, Laura Needler, APNP, and Dr. Nate Kugler review the history of the physician assistant and nurse practitioner professions, discuss similarities and differences in their training, and describe how they function on their vascular team.
JVS · 16. January 2023
Audible Bleeding editor Adam Johnson (@Adam_mdmph) is joined by MD/Ph.D. student Rahul Ghosh (@ghoshrx) and JVS Assistant Editor Dr. Paul Dimuzio (@pdimuziomd) to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals. Dr. David Gordon and Dr. David Williams, the authors of the following paper, join them: “Pathologic characteristics of human venous in-stent stenosis and stent occlusion” by Williams et al.
JVS · 08. January 2023
Audible Bleeding editor Adam Johnson (@Adam_mdmph) is joined by MD/PhD student Rahul Ghosh (@ghoshrx), JVS Assistant Editor Dr. Paul Dimuzio (@pdimuziomd) to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals. Discussions for the second article will be published later this week. Dr. Jasmine Bhinder joins them to discuss the following paper: “Understanding radiation exposure and improving safety for vascular surgery trainees” by Bhinder et al.

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