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Special Topics · 13. March 2024
Audible Bleeding editor Wen (@WenKawaji) is joined by 3rd year general surgery resident Ryan Ellis discussing robotic vascular surgery with Dr. Judith Lin (@JudithLin4) and Dr. Petr Stadler. Dr. Lin and Dr. Stadler will share their personal journey in robotic vascular surgery, cases they have done, and what think the future looks like. This is part one of our robotic vascular series. Our next episode will feature Dr. Lumsden and Dr. Bavare from Houston Methodist. Show Guests: Dr. Judith Lin:...
Special Topics · 04. September 2022
Today, we are republishing the Health Information Technology (HITC) webinar from May 4, 2022, on New Technologies in Vascular Surgery. New technologies designed to improve surgical techniques are rapidly emerging in the vascular specialty. This brings on surgeons to discuss four new exciting technologies moderated by Drs Judith Lin and Oliver Aalami.
Special Topics · 22. April 2022
Have you ever wondered how physicians create new medical technology or how they receive funding for creating new medical products? Five entrepreneurs, who have developed medical products and received funding, will share the process of developing a company and the different types of funding. This webinar is presented by the SVS Health Information Technology Committee.
Special Topics · 05. December 2021
Today’s episode is a recording of the SVS Healthcare Information Technology Committee (HITC) Webinar, Artificial Intelligence in Vascular Surgery originally held on Thursday, July 22, 2021. The SVS HITC has invited a number of speakers to explore ways you should be using AI in your practice today and get a glimpse of what will be coming around the corner.