Vascular Surgery History Ep 1



We are excited to introduce the first episode of our new series, Vascular Surgery History. This podcast series will explore the fun and engaging stories that shaped vascular surgery.


Today’s episode will focus on early vascular surgeons, including Dr. Robert Liston, John Hunter, Lambert Hallowell, and Astley Cooper and their success and failures.


Sources and further reading for today’s episode:


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Nesbit Jr, Steven Holsten. American College of Surgeons, Poster Competition 2016 CC201



Scarificator with 10 spring-loaded lancets which can pierce the skin when triggered. Image from the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa’s National Pharmacy Museum.


Postmortem specimen from the case of Charles Hutson’s attempted aortic ligation by Astley Cooper. Image from A History of Vascular Surgery by Steven Friedman MD.

Spring lancet, c. 1760-1780, made a vein incision with a rapid spring-activated stroke of the cutting blade. Image from Museum Collections of Valley Forge National Historical Park


 Lithograph depicting Astley Cooper’s patient after the first successful hip disarticulation. Source: Ellis H. Astley Cooper: disarticulation of the hip. J Perioper Pract. 2014 Jun;24(6):151-2. doi: 10.1177/175045891402400605. PMID: 25007478.


Host:  Marlene (@GarciaNeuer) is a 4th year medical student at THE Ohio State College of Medicine.


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Author: Marlene Garcia-Neuer


Editor: Yasong Yu


Reviewers: Sharif Ellozy

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