Vascular Team Talk #2

Vascular Team Talk is back with our second episode! This podcast mini-series is brought to you by the Society of Vascular Surgery Physician Assistant Section and Audible Bleeding. How does your Vascular team communicate or organize the day? Teams can consist of many people who have different responsibilities and due to the busy nature of vascular surgery services, it may be difficult to ensure urgent matters get passed on. In this episode, we focus on the importance of communication and relationships between vascular surgery students, residents, APPs, fellows and attendings. 


Jessica Fernandes, PA-C, a Vascular Surgery physician assistant at Boston Medical Center (BMC), interviews Dr. Katie Shean, a vascular surgeon at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, regarding the importance of communication and the transition from a fellowship to an attending position. Both Jessica and Dr. Shean discuss how they worked together at BMC and compare how Dr. Shean runs her current vascular team at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center. 


Show Guests:

- Jess Fernandes, PA-C, is an inpatient physician assistant in the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Boston Medical Center. She is also a member of the SVS PA committee and NESVS PA committee. She graduated with her bachelor degree and Master in Physician Assistant Studies from MCPHS University in 2016. 


- Katie Shean, MD is a vascular surgeon in the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Brighton, Massachusetts. She completed medical school at University of Vermont Medical School in 2013, followed by her general surgery residency at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center and vascular surgery fellowship at Boston Medical Center which she completed in 2022. 


Show Links:

SVS Physician Assistant Section

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Vascular and Endovascular Division


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