Anesthesia for the vascular surgeon - a conversation across the drapes with Dr. Ahmed Shalabi

Dr. Warren Gasper is the Chief of Vascular Surgery at the San Francisco VA, an assistant professor of vascular surgery at UCSF, and the president of the Northern California Vascular Society. He did his general surgery residency and vascular surgery fellowship at UCSF. He is the principal investigator in multiple NIH-funded clinical trials studying interventions for PAD, broadening the application of MRA imaging in vascular surgery, and treatment of para-visceral and thoracic aortic aneurysms with fenestrated endografts.

Dr. Ahmed Shalabi (Ahmed.Shalabi@ucsf.edu, LinkedIn) is the Chief of Vascular Anesthesia at UCSF, where he is an associate professor of anesthesia and perioperative care. He did his residency in anesthesia at the Alexandria University Hospital in Egypt and has pursued advanced training in pediatric anesthesia at the University of Lille in France, in transplantation anesthesia at UCSF, and in transesophageal echocardiography at UCLA. He discovered his passion for doing anesthesia for complex open and endovascular cases and is a member of the Center for Aortic Excellence at UCSF, where he has developed a Vascular Anesthesia Quality Improvement Database.

Dr. Leigh Ann O'Banion (lobanion@fresno.ucsf.edu) is an assistant professor of Vascular Surgery at UCSF Fresno, where she also completed her general surgery residency. She did her fellowship in vascular surgery at UCSF, graduated in 2017 and then returned to UCSF Fresno as an attending. She has a busy clinical practice with a focus on mentoring the next generation of vascular trainees. She is currently enrolling patients in a prospective study focused on improving the multidisciplinary system of care for patients who undergo amputations.