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Interviews · 28. February 2021
Leanna and Rachael chat with Dr. Neil Hopper about his experience with amputation and lessons that he has learned to improve the care he provides to vascular patients.
JVS · 12. December 2019
In our next installment of the JVS Editor’s choice series, Jacob discusses the JVS December Editor’s Choice articles with Senior Editor, Dr. Peter Lawrence.
JVS · 27. September 2019
In this episode, we present the third installment to the Audible Bleeding - JVS Editor's Choice collaboration as Adham Elmously discusses the JVS articles selected for the October 2019 edition of the Editor's Choice with JVS Senior Editor, Dr. Peter Lawrence.
Interviews · 18. March 2019
Dr. Venita Chandra is an associate professor of Surgery and the associate program director for the vascular surgery fellowship at Stanford. Dr. Chandra is also the founder of the Stanford Limb Salvage Initiative called the StEPP program or Stanford Extremity Preservation Program and is going to talk to us today about limb preservation among other things.