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Videos · 23. April 2020
Dr. Westley Ohman and Dr. Robert Thompson join us in the "How I do It" lecture series to discuss surgical management of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome. The session is moderated by Dr. John Eidt, with commentary from Dr. Greg Pearl, Dr. Murray Shames, and Dr. Darren Schneider.
JVS · 30. December 2019
We are excited to bring you our first episode in a new series as part of our JVS collaboration, the Venous and Lymphatic Editor’s Choice Series! In this issue, Jacob discusses the JVS-VL January 2020 articles with Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Peter Gloviczki. This is a bi-monthly journal, and we will highlight the Editor’s Choice articles around the time of initial publication. For more information, please see the JVS-VL Website.
VSITE · 27. November 2019
Dr. Nedal Katib of Prince of Whales, Sydney Australia discusses the diagnosis, evaluation and management of thoracic outlet syndromes.
Interviews · 23. October 2019
Dr. Julie Freischlag is the dean of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and the CEO of the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. She discusses with us mentorship, leadership and diversity in healthcare and pointers for thoracic outlet surgery.
Videos · 19. October 2019
Dr. Julie Freischlag's transaxillary approach to first rib resection for thoracic outlet syndrome.