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VSITE · 27. February 2024
Authors: Sebouh Bazikian - MS4 at Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California Gowri Gowda - PGY1 at the University of California Davis Integrated Vascular Surgery Program Steven Maximus- Vascular surgery attending at the University of California Davis, Director of the Aortic Center Resources: Rutherford’s 10th Edition Chapters: 88, 89, and 91 The North American Symptomatic Carotid Endarterectomy Asymptomatic Carotid Atherosclerosis Study Audible Bleeding’s eBook chapter on...
VSITE · 03. February 2023
Drs. Adam Johnson and Melissa Kirkwood discuss radiation safety.
VSITE · 01. November 2021
In today's episode, Adham Elmously and Matt Spreadbury discuss diagnosis and management of type B aortic dissections with Drs Einar Brevik and Joseph Lombardi.

VSITE · 17. October 2020
Alex Forsyth, MS4 and Sarah Clarson, MD from Boston University discuss the diagnosis and management of acute limb ischemia.
VSITE · 24. August 2020
Drs Nedal Katib and Danielle Bajakian review the workup and medical management of peripheral artery occlusive disease
VSITE · 25. May 2020
Dr. Todd Rasmussen joins Nicole and Kevin to discuss cerebrovascular trauma. This is episode 4 of 6 of our vascular trauma series.
VSITE · 18. May 2020
Drs Anna Ohlsson and Sherene Shalhub from the University of Washington discuss genetic aortopathies and their management.
VSITE · 29. April 2020
Drs Sammy Siada and Rafael Malgor from the University of Colorado discuss vascular access for dialysis in end stage renal disease
VSITE · 09. April 2020
Dr. Matthew Chia from Northwestern and Dr Nick Mouawad from McLaren Bay Heart and Vascular discuss the diagnosis, management and treatment of mesenteric ischemia.
VSITE · 28. March 2020
Dr. Young Lee and Dr. Matthew Smeds discuss the essentials of HD access creation for the VSITE and boards

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