A Transatlantic Conversation on Vascular Surgery in the COVID Era

Dr. Stephan Haulon is Professor of Vascular Surgery, and Chair of Aortic and Vascular Surgery at the Hospital Marie Lannelongue, Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph, Université Paris Saclay. He serves as the current president of the European Society for Vascular Surgery. He completed his general surgical and vascular training at the University of Lille in France and then went on to do a Vascular Surgery Research Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic under the mentorship of aortic pioneer Dr. Roy Greenberg and funded by a Marco Polo Grant from the ESVS and SVS. Throughout his career he has worked closely with colleagues in Cardiac Surgery, Interventional Radiology, and Vascular Medicine and is a strong proponent of international and interdisciplinary collaboration. 


Dr. Robert Rhee is a returning guest to the podcast. He is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical College and the Director of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. He is the President-Elect of the Eastern Vascular Society and the Program Director for the Vascular Surgery Fellowship at Maimonides hospital. 


Our guests join us today to discuss how their departments have adapted during the current COVID-19 pandemic and how we begin to look ahead. Paris and New York City, both densely populated and internationally connected, were similarly hit hard in terms of the volume of COVID-19 cases and the extreme strain placed on healthcare systems. As the pandemic struck Paris a few weeks before New York City, Dr. Haulon is able to give us some insight into the process of transitioning to a new normal. He also discusses the future of medical meetings, and what he is excited about on the horizon for vascular surgery.