JVS Author Spotlight - Andraska et al.

Audible Bleeding editors Matt Chia and Wen Kawaji are joined by JVS Assistant Editor Dr. Paul Dimuzio and JVS Editor-in-Chief Dr. Thomas Forbes to discuss a recent article in the JVS.  They’re joined by Dr. Elizabeth Andraska, the first author of the paper discussing long-term followup after EVAR, available now in the August 2022 issue of the JVS.  Find out how this paper can have an immediate impact on your patients, and hear insights directly from Dr. Andraska in this exciting episode!


Link to “Longer follow-up intervals following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair are safe and appropriate after marked aneurysm sac regression” by Andraska et al.: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jvs.2022.01.079 


Show Guests:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Andraska (@eandraska) is in her sixth year of training in the integrated vascular surgery residency at the University of Pittsburgh. She has a Masters in Clinical Research from the University of Michigan and has completed two years of dedicated research time at the University of Pittsburgh. She is excited to pursue a career in academic vascular surgery.


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JVS Host Introductions:

  • Dr. Paul Dimuzio (@pdimuziomd) is the William M. Measey Professor of Surgery, Director of the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Co-Director of the Jefferson Vascular Center in Philadelphia, as well as being one of the new Assistant Editors for the JVS.
  • Dr. Thomas Forbes (@TL_Forbes) is the Surgeon-in-Chief and James Wallace McCutcheon Chair of the Sprott Department of Surgery at the University Health Network, Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto, as well as being one of the new Editors-in-Chief for the JVS.


Audible Bleeding Host Introductions: 

  • Dr. Wen Kawaji (@WenKawaji) is a general surgery resident at Medstar Health in Baltimore, MD. She is passionate about vascular, trauma, and critical care and recently completed a burn/surgical critical care fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Wen has been a loyal audible bleeding fan throughout residency and is excited to learn from and work with the podcast team. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, food adventures, and puzzles.
  • Dr. Matthew Chia (@chia_md) is in his final year of the integrated vascular surgery program at Northwestern University.  He obtained his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and also holds a Master’s in Health Services and Outcomes Research at Northwestern. 


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