ChatGPT/LLM in Vascular Surgery

This episode of Audible Bleeding features Drs. Adam Johnson and Jeniann Yi, members of the Society for Vascular Surgery Health Information Technology Committee, to discuss the application of large language models in vascular surgery with two experts in the field, Dr. Andrew Gonzalez and one of his collaborators, Shantanu Dev.  The episode promises a conversation exploring machine learning and large language models with insights from the guests' diverse expertise in vascular surgery, health informatics, and artificial intelligence.


Dr. Andrew Gonzalez, an assistant professor in vascular surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine and also an SVS HITC committee member, has clinical and research interests in peripheral arterial disease and artificial intelligence applications for amputation prevention.


Shantanu Dev, a computer science PhD student at Ohio State, focusing on multimodal modeling for clinical applications in AI. Shantanu worked at PWC for eight years in their AI R&D division and co-owns Satsang.ai (www.satsang.ai) Digital Health, an AI company addressing healthcare inequities and quality of care.


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Dr. Jeniann Yi is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado.

Dr. Adam Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Duke University, and editor at Audible Bleeding.

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