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Special Topics · 19. May 2024
This episode of Audible Bleeding features Drs. Adam Johnson and Jeniann Yi, members of the Society for Vascular Surgery Health Information Technology Committee, to discuss the application of large language models in vascular surgery with two experts in the field, Dr. Andrew Gonzalez and one of his collaborators, Shantanu Dev. The episode promises a conversation exploring machine learning and large language models with insights from the guests' diverse expertise in vascular surgery, health...
Special Topics · 27. November 2022
Today, we are republishing the SVS Webinar from September 7, 2022, Hacking the EMR: Making the EMR work for you. The Community Practice Section, Health Information Technology Committee, and Wellness Committee have collaborated to develop a webinar about how to manage the EMR to benefit your daily practice needs.
Special Topics · 04. September 2022
Today, we are republishing the Health Information Technology (HITC) webinar from May 4, 2022, on New Technologies in Vascular Surgery. New technologies designed to improve surgical techniques are rapidly emerging in the vascular specialty. This brings on surgeons to discuss four new exciting technologies moderated by Drs Judith Lin and Oliver Aalami.