Venita Chandra, MD - limb salvage: multidisciplinary care and advanced endovascular techniques

Dr. Venita Chandra is an associate professor of Surgery and the associate program director for the vascular surgery fellowship at Stanford.  She completed medical school at the University of Chicago and then did her Residency and fellowship at Stanford where she was asked to stay on as faculty.    Dr. Chandra is also the founder of the Stanford Limb Salvage Initiative called the StEPP program or Stanford Extremity Preservation Program and is going to talk to us today about limb preservation among other things.

(00:20) Venita Chandra, MD full Biography

(02:30) SVS General Surgery Resident/Medical Student Vascular Annual Meeting Travel Scholarship

(03:30)  Stanford Extremity Preservation Program

(14:30) “Endovascular Junkie” - Early Bypass versus Endovascular First

(15:30) Early amputation - Partial or major amputation

(18:00) Palliative care and “end-stage” vascular disease

(21:30) Advanced endovascular techniques

  • Pedal and alternative access for endovascular procedures
  • DES and DCB
  • Stents below the knee

(26:00) Education and Stanford Vascular Surgery Fellowship and Residency

(29:00) Fellowship vs. Residency - Both are great!

(33:00) Diversity in vascular surgery

(36:30) Dr. Samuel Money Flush Technique

(38:00) Hip Hop BBQ Pandora