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JVS · 27. November 2020
In this month’s episode of our JVS - Arterial Editor’s Choice series, Jacob and our newest team member, Aakanksha Gupta, discuss December’s selected articles with Senior Editor, Dr. Peter Lawrence.
VSITE · 29. June 2020
Drs Cullen McCarthy and Matthew Edwards from Wake Forest discuss renal vascular disease
VSITE · 29. April 2020
Drs Sammy Siada and Rafael Malgor from the University of Colorado discuss vascular access for dialysis in end stage renal disease
Videos · 15. April 2020
Dr. Ross Davis and Dr. Matthew Edwards from the Wake Forest Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery present on "Renal Artery Vascular Pathology: Contemporary Management and the Role for Open Surgical Reconstruction", with Dr. Gabriela Velazquez moderating the discussion.
VSITE · 28. March 2020
Dr. Young Lee and Dr. Matthew Smeds discuss the essentials of HD access creation for the VSITE and boards
JVS · 12. December 2019
In our next installment of the JVS Editor’s choice series, Jacob discusses the JVS December Editor’s Choice articles with Senior Editor, Dr. Peter Lawrence.