Getting Started with Basic Science in Vascular Surgery


Matt Chia, Chris Audu, and Elizabeth Andraska sit down with Drs. Kevin Southerland, Karen Ho, and Andrea Obi for a panel discussion introducing basic science in vascular surgery and some tips on getting started and obtaining funding for your research.

Dr. Kevin Southerland (@kwsoutherland) is an assistant professor of surgery at Duke.  He is a co-investigator of an NIH U01 grant to study the 4D nucleome of muscle regeneration in ischemia-induced damage and repair and was selected to be the 2021 Wylie Scholar to study transcriptional dynamics and heterogeneity of macrophages in CLTI.

Dr. Karen Ho is the John Marquardt Clinical Research Professor of Vascular Surgery at Northwestern.  She was recently awarded an R01 grant from the NHLBI to study the meta-organismal pathways that impact susceptibility to arterial restenosis after vascular surgery.

Dr. Andrea Obi (@AndreaObiMD) is an assistant professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of Michigan, a recipient of the 2019 Wylie Scholar award for young investigators in vascular surgery, an NIH K08 awardee and, most recently, the recipient of the SVS Foundation/ACS Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Development Award (a K08 matching grant) to study the role of myeloid epigenetic regulation on venous thrombus resolution. 

Relevant Resources for Research and Funding:

Host Introductions: 

  • Dr. Chris Audu (@ChrisAuduMD) is in his fifth year of training in the integrated vascular surgery residency at the University of Michigan. His research studies the role of chromatin-modifying enzymes on wound healing pathways as well as learning the details of high throughput experimentation in discovering novel acid-amine organic reactions for vascular-focused, medicinal chemistry. He is currently F32 funded and was recently awarded the 2020 VESS Resident Research Award.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Andraska (@eandraska) is in her fifth year of training in the integrated vascular surgery residency at the University of Pittsburgh.  She is T32 funded by the National Institutes of Health and is currently a Burroughs Wellcome Foundation fellow. She is studying the role of platelet-neutrophil complexes in immunothrombosis. 
  • Dr. Matt Chia (@chia_md) is in his 6th of 7 years in the integrated vascular surgery program at Northwestern University. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and also holds a Master’s in Health Services and Outcomes Research at Northwestern.