JVS September Editors' Choice - Peter Gloviczki, MD

In this episode, we present the second installment to the Audible Bleeding - JVS Editor's Choice collaboration as Adham Elmously discusses the JVS articles selected for the September 2019 edition of the Editor's Choice with JVS Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Peter Gloviczki. 

JVS Editor’s Choice Video with Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Peter Gloviczki

Articles featured in this month’s discussion:

  • Editors' Choice.  Using the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Wound, Ischemia, and foot Infection (WIfI) Classification to Identify Patients Most Likely to Benefit from Revascularization. https://bit.ly/2R0TcCx
  • JVS-D-18-00628. CME. Practice Patterns in Arteriovenous Fistula Ligation among Kidney Transplant Recipients in the United States Renal Data Systems https://bit.ly/2X2O85K
  • Hybrid Surgery for Bilateral Lower Extremity Inflow Revascularization. https://bit.ly/2WYolfc
  • Multidisciplinary clinics reduce treatment costs and improve patient outcomes in diabetic foot disease. https://bit.ly/2K6CIbf