JVS Author Spotlight - O'Donnell and Timaran

Audible Bleeding contributor and 5th year general surgery resident Richa Kalsi (@KalsiMD) is joined by first-year vascular surgery fellow Zach Mattay (@ZMatthay), fifth-year general surgery resident Naveed Rahman (@naveedrahmanmd), JVS editor Dr. Thomas Forbes (@TL_Forbes), and JVS-CIT editor Dr. Matthew Smeds (@mattsmeds) to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals. The first article discusses national trends in surgeon-modified graft utilization for complex and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms. The second article discusses a novel technique, transcatheter electrosurgical aortic septotomy, to treat chronic dissecting aortoiliac aneurysms.  This episode hosts Dr. Thomas O’Donnell (@tfxod) and Dr. Carlos Timaran (@ch_timaran), the authors of these two papers.



Show Guests 

  • Dr. Thomas O’Donnell : Assistant professor of surgery in the aortic center at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.
  • Dr. Carlos Timaran: Professor and Chief of Endovascular Surgery at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Department of Surgery.

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