Lost in Translation: The Language Patients and Providers Use in Vascular Surgery

Today, Dr. Ezra Schwartz and Dr. Nakia Sarad begin an exploration of how vascular surgeons and patients communicate. We will discuss how we share stories with one another and what may get lost in translation.  The first episode in this series features Dr. Anahita Dua in conversation with her patients and their experience with deep venous arterialization.


Faculty Guest:


Dr. Anahita Dua is a vascular surgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital and an associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. She wears many hats at the MGH including director of the Vascular Lab, co-director of the Peripheral Artery Disease Center and Limb Evaluation and Amputation Program, associate director of the Wound Care Center, director of the Lymphedema Center, associate director of the Vascular Surgery Clerkship, and director of clinical research for the division of vascular surgery.


Dr. Dua completed her undergraduate medical studies at the Aberdeen University School of Medicine in Aberdeen, Scotland. She then completed her general surgery residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and a vascular fellowship at Stanford University Hospital. She holds multiple master’s degrees, including trauma sciences and business administration in healthcare management. She also completed certificate programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in health economics, outcomes research, and drug and device development.  She has published over 140 peer-reviewed papers and has edited five vascular surgery textbooks.


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Patient Guests: (Shared with consent)

  • John McConnell - patient of Dr. Dua
  • Daniel Debovie - son of a patient of Dr. Dua.

Deep Venous Arterialization References:

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