#VAM22 Highlight - VESS Paper Session

The Spring VESS Session covered a wide breadth of topics ranging from disparities in care, innovation in endovascular techniques, and vascular surgery in younger patient populations. Imani sat down with Dr. Yazan Duwaryi, the VESS session program directory, to give a quick recap.


Dr. Duwayri is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Vascular Surgery Division at Emory University School of Medicine. He serves as Medical Director of the Heart and Vascular service line at Emory University Hospital. He joined the faculty after completing his vascular surgery fellowship at Washington University in Saint Louis in 2011. He specializes in endoluminal and open vascular surgery, with his primary area of clinical interest being complex abdominal and thoracic aortic pathology. His academic interests are outcomes research in vascular surgery, quality improvement in vascular surgery, healthcare payment reform, and endovascular device design.


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