WISER - Dr. Shipra Arya, on frailty in vascular surgery, and international medical graduates


Through a collaboration with the WISER podcast, Dr. Amanda Fobare and Dr. Vivian Wang sit down with Dr. Shipra Arya to discuss her path to Vascular Surgery and her research on frailty. 
Dr. Shipra Arya (@ShipraAryaMD) graduated from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, one of the most prestigious medical schools in India. At that time, she was the only woman pursuing a career in Surgery. She went on to the Harvard School of public health to earn an MPH. Following her time in Boston, she completed her general surgery residency at Creighton, followed by a Vascular Surgery Fellowship at the University of Michigan (@UMichSurgery). She was on faculty at Emory University (@EmorySurgery) before joining faculty at Stanford University (@stanfordvasc). Her love for vascular surgery shines through in this interview. We enjoyed discussing her research in frailty, and her tips and tricks for balancing a busy career and her family life.
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