SVS Webinars - Hacking the EMR

REGISTER HERE for the NEXT webinar 3-D, at 7 pm EST/4 pm PST on December 12, 2022. From 3-D printing to presurgical planning using 3-D modeling, this webinar will explore how 3-D technology is being utilized in vascular surgery today.


Today, we are republishing the SVS Webinar from September 7, 2022, Hacking the EMR: Making the EMR work for you


A blessing and a curse, the EMR is an integral part of the modern practice of providing medical care. The Community Practice Section, Health Information Technology Committee, and Wellness Committee have collaborated to develop a webinar about making the EMR work for you. We review how to manage the EMR to benefit your daily practice needs; make the EMR work for small independent practices, including OBLs; how to manage EMR burnout; and a few hacks to make the EMR work for you.


Faculty & Topics:

  • Mal Sheahan, MD - Stating the problem of whether the EMR works for us or the other way around. Vascular surgeons, burnout, and the EMR. Mitigation strategies and SVS’ role in resolving this issue.
  • Daniel Bertges, MD - Strategies/updates on SVS discussions with EPIC/Powerchart on ways to integrate vascular-specific documentation requirements and streamline data entry (including VQI, etc.).
  • London Guidry, MD, and James Craven, MD - How does the smaller independent group effectively use EMR in daily practice/OBL setting? Barriers/challenges/advantages. 
  • Robert Beaulieu, MD, presenting for Jeniann Yi, MD - Challenges and opportunities of integrating different EMRs.


Moderator - Geetha Jeyabalan, MD; Vascular Surgeon, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute.


Full Webinar Video


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