VAM23 Student Scholarship Winners

We are delighted to review the SVS VAM Diversity and Resident/Medical Student travel scholarships in today's episode. Dr. Ezra Schwartz and Dr. Nakia Sarad speak with three scholarship recipients to explore their reasons for applying, their experience at the 2023 Vascular Annual Meeting, and the impact of their attendance on their goals and aspirations. 

  • Nathaniel Forrester (@Nathaniel_For) is a fourth-year medical student at Emory University SOM from Lawrenceville, GA. He will be applying to vascular residencies in this cycle. He received the Diversity Scholarship to attend his first VAM. 
  • Gayatri Pillai (@GayatriPillai10) is a third-year medical student from Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. She, too, received the SVS Diversity Scholarship to attend her first VAM.
  • Carlo Angello Sánchez Montaño (@carlo_angello) is a first-year vascular surgery resident who transferred from a general surgery program. He is a November 20th National Medical Center trainee in Mexico City, Mexico. He received the General Surgery Resident/Medical Student Travel Scholarship to attend his first VAM.

VAM 2024 will be held in Chicago June 19-22, 2024. The following are links for more information on SVS Awards and Scholarships offered. We encourage you to apply! 


  • Dr. Ezra Schwartz (@Ezraschwartz10)
  • Dr. Nakia Sarad (@NakSaradDO)
  • Nathaniel Forrester (@Nathaniel_For)
  • Gayatri Pillai (@GayatriPillai10)
  • Dr. Carlo Angello Sánchez Montaño (@carlo_angello)