SVS Women's Section: Advice for Young Surgeons

In this second episode highlighting the SVS women’s section, Wen (@WenKawaji) and Amanda (@AmandaFobare) are joined by Dr. Furey, Dr. Bunnell and Dr. Kumar to discuss important topics such as the needs of a young vascular surgeon and how to pick your optimal practice. 


Show Guests:

Dr. Bunnell @avi-bunnell: Private practice vascular Surgeon in Tampa Florida specializing in venous disease, PAD, and carotid revascularization


Dr. Furey @drpfureymd: Chief of vascular surgery and president of medical staff at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH. Associate director of surgical services for New England Heart and Vascular 


Dr. Kumar @ShivaniKumarMD : Graduated from Mount Sinai Medical Center in 2021 and currently a vascular surgeon at Tufts medical center.


Show Resource:

We have shared a list of questions recent graduates have generated for the job search process. Check it out!


For those of you who are not familiar with the women’s section, we have a great episode that was recently published in September. To learn more about the Women’s Section, please visit the SVS Women’s Section website.


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